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Student Council Coordinating Cell Phones for Soldiers Project

This years' JH/HS Student Council community service project is helping the organization Cell Phones for Soldiers. This organization is a national 501(c)(3) nonprofit serving troops and veterans with free communication services and emergency funding. 

At Cell Phones for Soldiers, their mission is to help our brave men and women in uniform to be able to stay in touch with their loved ones even when they’re far from home; and to help our veterans navigate some of the challenges of returning to civilian life. In helping our soldiers, they also are helping our environment by keeping harmful electronic waste out of landfills.

On behalf of Cell Phones for Soldier, the student council will be accepting donations of any and all types of cell phones, smartphones and tablets from any carrier. The newer, gently-used mobile devices, including smartphones, are preferred; however, proceeds are generated from the recycling of broken and outdated mobile phones. They also accept cell phone chargers, headphones/Bluetooth, new phone cases and other accessories, tablets, laptops, iPods, iPads, mobile hotspots, cameras, portable electronics (ex: games, GPS, CD Players, MPS Players), and small hard drives. Monetary donations can be made at Donate Funds

Mobile devices and tablets donated to Cell Phones for Soldiers are sold either to an electronic refurbisher or a recycler. Once Cell Phone for Soldiers receives a donated device, it is quickly wiped of all personal information and checked to see if it is repairable. A cell phone that is repairable is sold to an electronics refurbisher who will repair the device and resell it in the aftermarket. However, devices that are either too old or completely broken are sold to recyclers who strip the devices of any salvageable components and/or rare metals and then responsibly recycle the remaining parts. The proceeds from these processes are used to purchase prepaid international calling cards for troops and to provide emergency funding to veterans

Mobile devices are not sent directly to deployed troops. It is not a viable option because, first and foremost, cell phones can be security hazards for military members in combat zones. Secondly, the cost of international phone calls using a cell phone is very high, making this option extremely cost prohibitive. Instead, they use the proceeds from the donated phones and other electronics to send prepaid international calling cards to our troops to use via their approved phones.

Through their program Helping Heroes Home, your generous tax-deductible donation will provide emergency funds to aid veterans in need. In the Minutes That Matter program, your dedication to help those who dedicate their lives to protect us each and every day provides a true lifeline to our troops serving around the world. You generous donation delivers calling cards to connect military members with their loved ones.

Please know that Cell Phones for Soldiers recycle every device with extremely high security standards, so your data is safe with them. For your peace of mind, you can also Google how to delete your data using the specific make and model of your phone.


Donate your cell phones Monday – Friday / 8am – 4pm

Covington High School office

501 N. Main St

Covington, TX  76636

For information flyer click HERE


Items Accepted for Donation

We will accept all types of cell phones from any carrier, including broken and/or outdated devices. We also accept all types of other used electronics. Please note below the list of items that we will gratefully accept and those that we are unable to take at this time. Please do not send instruction manuals.

Items that we can gratefully accept:

- Any and all types of cell phones from any carrier

- Cell phone chargers

- Headphones/ Bluetooth

- New phone cases and other accessories

- Tablets and laptops

- iPod and iPads

- Mobile Hotspots

- Cameras

- Portable electronics (ex: games, GPS, CD player, MPS player)

- Small hard drives

Project coordinated by: Covington JH/HS Student Council

With questions, contact

Ms. Bettie Saccardo at 254-854-2215


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