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District Calendar

The District’s 2023-2024 calendar revisions as follows:  

(Rev 3/25/24) Due to the fact that we did not have to use any of our banked minutes for inclement weather this year, we are amending the calendar in order to use some of those minutes. In the current year calendar, I am moving three days of the four days of banked minutes to May 3rd , May 10th, and May 17th.  These days will now be holidays for students and staff. 

(Rev 3/8/24) Due to a recent change in UIL rules, the academic meet that was scheduled for March 19th and 21st was moved to April 2nd and April 4th.  Because of this change March 19th and March 21st are now full days for students and April 2nd and April 4th are now half days for students.

(Rev 2/13/24) Moved the Holiday/Weather Make-up day originally scheduled for April 12th to April 8th due to the number of people expected to visit Hill County for the solar eclipse on April 8th . All Hill County schools will be closed April 8th.