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Gifted and Talented Committee Taking Nominations

Covington’s Gifted and Talented Committee will be taking nominations for the Gifted and Talented Program in the spring.  A potential candidate is a problem solver, an achiever, someone who goes beyond what is expected of their peers.  If you know of a child or feel your child qualifies, please contact Mrs. Plants at 854-2215 extension 1035.  Screening will begin in April 2023.



Covington Wise Owls
Gifted and Talented Pull-out Program


Students will have a choice of working on a project from the Texas Performance Standard Project or they can choose to work with the Lego Education SPIKE and BricQ Lesson Sets.


All student project guidelines and details for TPSP projects are can be viewed at Texas Performance Standard Project website. 


The Lego Education Projects are STEM and STEAM based learning aligned with curriculum standards.


List of websites which may help during students project.

As with any school project, please review websites with your child.

All projects will be work will be posted to the Covington Canvas Platform.

Students will be working on project during their pull-out time.  
It is their responsibility to keep up with all papers and folders.


parent resources

All student project guidelines and details are at the Texas Performance Standard Project website. 
Texas Performance Standard Project

Hoagies' Gifted Education Page
National Organization for Gifted Children

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Mrs. Plants

CISD Librarian / GT Teacher