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Charles Steele, Athletic Director

(254) 854-2215     ext. 1027 (Athletic Director) / ext. 1017 (coaches' office)



Coaching Staff

 Name and Email



 Carter, Cetara ext 1067  Head Volleyball, Asst. Girls' Basketball, Asst. Girls' Track
 Davis, Calyn ext 1075  Asst. Football, Asst. Boys' Basketball, Head Baseball
 Davis, Cody ext 1016  Asst. Football, Head Softball, Head Boys' Track
 Mayes, Darren ext 1080  Asst. Volleyball, Head Girls' Basketball, Head Girls' Track
 Odom, Taylor ext 1032  Asst. Volleyball, Asst. JH Girls' Basketball, Asst. Girls' Track
 Steel, Charles ext 1027  Athletic Director, Head JH/HS Football, Track Coordinator
 Underwood, CH ext 1094  Asst. Football, Head Boys' Basketball, Asst. Baseball
 Zamzow, Randy ext 1086  Head Boys’ Cross Country, Asst. Girls’ Basketball, Head Boys' Track


Coaching Assignments by Sport


 JH/HS- Steele, Calyn Davis, Cody Davis, Underwood


 HS- Carter, Asst. Mayes / Odom

Cross Country

 JH/HS- Zamzow

Basketball - Girls

 HS- Mayes, Asst. Carter / JH- Asst. Odom

Basketball – Boys

 HS/JH- Underwood, Asst. Calyn Davis


 Head- Cody Davis, Asst. 


 Head- Calyn Davis, Asst. Underwood


 Coordinator- Steele Head Girls- Mayes / Head Boys- Zamzow, JH Girls’– Odom


Parent Information and Manuals


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